Continuous delivery with Tox and Bitbucket Pipelines

In this post we will take a look at Continuous Delivery using Tox and Bitbucket Pipelines. We will setup a basic […]

Django user login

Django require authentication on all pages

This recipe gives you a useful piece of Django Middleware that requires authentication for all views of your choice.

Watch the PyCon 2016 talks

Stuck at home but interested in Python? Watch all talks from PyCon 2016 on the Official PyCon 2016 YouTube Channel.

Django version upgrades

Django version upgrades

In this guide we will take a look at what's need to upgrade a project to the new version of the Django framework.

Python IDE comparision - Komodo IDE vs PyCharm

Komodo IDE 9.3 vs PyCharm 5

Programmers love their tools and they love to talk about them. Plenty of questions in the Python community are similar […]

How to get a job programming Python

One of the many often asked questions on forums and websites in the Python community is how one can get a […]