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    Continuous delivery with Tox and Bitbucket Pipelines

    In this post we will take a look at Continuous Delivery using Tox and Bitbucket Pipelines. We will setup a basic Django project, use Tox to automate our testing and push our project to a Bitbucket repository. Then we will enable Bitbucket Pipelines to run our automated testing when we push new code to our remote repository. Important: The Bitbucket Pipelines product is currently still in Beta. It's possible to sign up for Beta access and in my experience Atlassian will quickly get you an account. What is Continuous Delivery? When we talk about Continuous Delivery it's very easy to start looking like buzzword spewing startup hipster. Don't get me wrong,…

  • Python IDE comparision - Komodo IDE vs PyCharm
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    Komodo IDE 9.3 vs PyCharm 5

    Programmers love their tools and they love to talk about them. Plenty of questions in the Python community are similar to “What IDE should I use?”. In this lengthy article we will take a good look at both PyCharm and Komodo, two well known IDE’s available today. In this Python IDE comparison we will take a look at the latest versions of PyCharm and Komodo IDE. Jetbrains release PyCharm 5 this week and ActiveState followed with version 9.3 of their Komodo IDE. Both releases are quite important since Python 3.5 is now fully supported and both contain a number of cool new features.

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    How to get a job programming Python

    One of the many often asked questions on forums and websites in the Python community is how one can get a job programming Python. So here are three steps you can take to find yourself a job programming Python.Step #1: Start using Python!This is the first step and the most important one. Unless you are very lucky your future employer will want some experience or at the very least a big show of interest. So start using Python for just about everything.Do you like to read slashdot reddit in the morning? Write a scraper that e-mails you the top links for your favourite subreddits. Does your obsessive compulsive boss require a certain report…

  • Python string formatting
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    String formatting like a pro

    Just about every Python programmer has used the ‘%’ operator for string formatting. But another formatting method is available using the [crayon-5c43b7f021c9f163231539-i/]  method of the string object. This allows for much cleaner and more readable code than the incantations written using ‘%’ operators.