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    Tuple Unpacking

    Something few beginning Python programmers know about is tuple unpacking. This allows you to do fun stuff like returning multiple values from a function. Everyone knows how to create a tuple, right? [crayon-5c6f84a7306b0576611094/] Well using tuple unpacking, you can get all values from a tuple in one expression and store them in their own variables. [crayon-5c6f84a7306b4443489773/] This allows you to do fun stuff like return multiple values from a function, by returning them as a tuple. After getting the return value from a function you simply unpack the tuple. [crayon-5c6f84a7306b6148507822/] And unpacking the returned tuple in one simple expression: [crayon-5c6f84a7306b7096099446/]  

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    How to get a job programming Python

    One of the many often asked questions on forums and websites in the Python community is how one can get a job programming Python. So here are three steps you can take to find yourself a job programming Python.Step #1: Start using Python!This is the first step and the most important one. Unless you are very lucky your future employer will want some experience or at the very least a big show of interest. So start using Python for just about everything.Do you like to read slashdot reddit in the morning? Write a scraper that e-mails you the top links for your favourite subreddits. Does your obsessive compulsive boss require a certain report…